Laminate flooring is fast becoming the choice of floor in residential and commercial establishments, Samar Floor with its timeless range of EAGGAR, HORNITEX, VITO and KRONOTEX Laminate Floors has steadily built up an enviable reputation in the world of laminate floors comprising of one of the widest range of laminate decors. Easy to install, laminate floors comes in an array of colors, styles – and even hand scraped for that rustic look. It’s also very durable and scratch-resistant, so it’s great for those who are tough on floors. Laminate Wooden Flooring, brings a world of wonderful designs home to you. Manufactured using top quality natural wood as its core component, Laminates offer unique versatility to work with any décor. Laminate flooring is highly stain resistant and requires very little routine care and maintenance. The allure of laminate flooring lies not only in its representation of real hardwood and its incredible durability, but also in the ease with which these floors are installed and maintained. There are many benefits to choosing a laminate floor over other types of flooring. Laminate flooring is quite versatile and durable. Due to laminate flooring being a printed strip of vinyl over a composite board many textures and styles of flooring can be replicated. Recently laminate floors have seen success in simulating stone and tile patterns as well as wood.


parquetCLASSIC 8MM

Hornitex laminate floors stand out due to their state-of-the-art quality, comfort and their unique look & feel.

The brand Hornitex is owned by Laminate Park GmbH Co KG – innovative partner for unique laminate floors. Laminate Park operates one of the most modern,

Fully integrated production facilities for laminate floors in the world. All of our laminate floors are, by nature of their construction and production, odour free and emission low.

Due to their glue less locking system they also contribute to good quality ambient  air…Read More



Hornitex Trends is the synchronized series of laminate flooring thereby replicating the feel and texture of natural exotic woods almost perfectly.The shades of Trends have been specially designed for the Hornitex range of laminate flooring…Read More

Uses Class :Class 32
Surface      : Synchronized Vein
Groove       :4 side V Groove
Dimension   :8 x 1218 x 167 mm
Area / package :2.128 m2 (26.28 Sq.feet)



As the name suggests, Parquet is tailor made for the designer collection and has a range of different parquet flooring patterns, It is a premium flooring option mainly used in commercial establishments such …Read More


Uses Class     :Class 32
Surface           :Parquet Vein
Groove            :4 side V Groove
Dimension        :12 x 600 x 600 mm / 12 x 402 x 808 mm
Area / package :2.128 m2 (26.28 Sq.feet)



Also from the exclusive collection of Hornitex, DX floors are 12mm in thickness.Careful selection of all DX shades has resulted in a laminate floor which is indistinguishable from its …Read More

Uses Class :Class 32
Surface        :Matt Finish
Dimension    :12 x 808 x 130 mm
Area / package :2.100 m 2(22.60 Sq.feet)