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Laminate flooring is fast becoming the choice of floor in residential and commercial establishments, Samar Floor with its timeless range of EGGER, HORNITEX, VITO and KRONOTEX Laminate Floors has steadily built up an enviable reputation in the world of laminate floors comprising of one of the widest range of laminate decors. The allure of laminate flooring lies not only in its representation of real hardwood and its incredible durability, but also in the ease with which these floors are installed and maintained. There are many benefits to choosing a laminate floor over other types of flooring. Laminate flooring is quite versatile and durable. Due to laminate flooring being a printed strip of vinyl over a composite board many textures and styles of flooring can be replicated. Recently laminate floors have seen success in simulating stone and tile patterns as well as wood.



Hornitex laminate floors stand out due to their state-of-the-art quality, comfort and their unique look & feel. The brand Hornitex is owned by Laminate Park GmbH Co KG – innovative partner for unique laminate floors. Laminate Park operates one of the most modern, fully integrated production facilities for laminate floors in the world.  All of our laminate floors are, by nature of their construction and production, odour free and emission lowDue to their glue less locking system they also contribute to good quality ambient air …Read More





Egger laminate flooring started getting manufactured in 1961 in a town called Tyrol Austria. This family run business which is has now become one of the largest laminate flooring companies have a wealth experience in delivery the most attractive and hard wearing laminate flooring products.

All the ranges delivered by Egger are environmentally friendly all their wood is sourced from a sustainable forest based in Austria. Egger offer a wide range of wood planks ranging to tiled laminate flooring. Please browse the egger ranges we have on offer and ….
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“Made in Germany” enjoys an excellent reputation all over the world, thanks to the high international standing of German engineering. KRONOTEX ranks amongst the leading firms employing advanced technology.

Kronotex are very easy to clean & maintain, offers very high wear resistance for busy areas and furthermore, it is scratch resistant and extremely hygienic.

These glueless, creak-free floors can be laid in record time over your existing floor, dismantled in as much time and transferred easily to a new venue in the same time                                                                           frame…Read More



Impressions range of flooring has the look of an elegant and rustic floor with a visible chic patina . In old days hardwood floors were not as attractive as today. They used to have one solid color and with time the color would wear through displaying a variety of shades and leaving the bevel darker than the rest of the floor.

Our Laminate Flooring with a French Bleed finish offers a timeless design with 5” narrow planks. The micro-beveled edges bring the ultra-natural look and feel of the floors to life. Impressions floors are truly unique. Upon installation, your room ….Read More