Rubber flooring is flooring which is made from rubber. There are a number of different formats frubberor this type of flooring, ranging from rubber tiles which are designed to be installed as a permanent flooring solution to rubber pads which can be overlaid onto existing flooring. The primary advantage of rubber flooring is that it is extremely springy. This makes it comfortable to walk, stand, and work on. It is often installed in environments like hospitals, retail stores; kitchens and sports utilities because people spend a lot of time on their feet in these businesses, and a springy floor can make their work more comfortable. It also reduces the risk of injuries which can be caused by standing on hard flooring for extended periods of time. Flooring specifically designed for the purpose of easing strain on the feet and legs is sometimes called anti-fatigue flooring.



Our Interlocking Floor Tiles are made with ultimate sophistication, by manufactures who have achieved expertise in the industry and are highly suitable for offices, showrooms, bars, Restaurants, shops, Pubs, boutique, Such floors are ideal for gym as they are hardwearing, slip resistant, easy to maintain, aesthetic and quick to install. Further, these floorings offer a cost effective solution to our valued clients as these floorings are easy to clean and highly durable.  The puzzle-cut tiles are easy to handle and fit together without the need for messy adhesives. Also, these flooring offers high comfort and can withstand high traffic. We offer these floorings to our esteemed clients in variety of designs, colours and patterns at very reasonable price.Read More



SBR or Styrene-Butadiene Rubber is a widely used synthetic rubber, also used to manufacture tyres. The SBR used in the production of rubber flooring is a recycled black scrap tyre. The scrap is cleaned to remove metal, fibre and other impurities. The flooring comes in four colours—green, black, and terracotta and blue. These floor can be laid out as outdoor surfaces or individually as tiles / paver blocks and are most commonly used in Gymnasiums, Public gardens, Children play areas.Being easy on calves and ankles, SBR surface is perfect to walk / exercise on With its excellent load bearing capacity, the flooring lasts long Rubber absorbs noise and impact and hence reduces clanking sounds of equipment and weights at the gym Read More



Our EPDM recycled rubber flooring products are perfect for sports and fitness facilities, commercial and industrial uses. You can bring a calm and cool focus to your athletic facility with colors with our EPDM flooring collection. Our EPDM / Recycled Rubber surfaces bring health clubs, fitness centres, weight rooms, tracks, and gyms the comfort and durability of rubber flooring without sacrificing the environment. It is the ultimate customizable flooring solution for almost any application including health clubs, healthcare facilities, schools, offices and manufacturing. It involves an assembly of 24 standard EPDM granule colors that can be blended at customer-desired percentages into an infinite number of floor colors and designs….Read More